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Ealing's Local Music Store

Genuinely sad to see Michael White's close its' doors. As I understand it the shop had been there for over 30 years and while it allows more custom for us, I think it's a stark reflection of the internet age we live in and how hard it is for small shops to survive.

Which gives me a chance to say thank you to our customers. It's not easy keeping a small, independent shop open nowadays and the main thing which has kept us going for over 10 years is customer loyalty. So thank you for bearing with us when we are out of stock, when we close randomly for a couple of hours and when something is cheaper on the web. We genuinely aim for top level customer satisfaction and we will aim to improve everyday.

Opening hours:

Monday to Saturday - 10am to 5pm.
Sunday - 12noon to 4pm.

Call 020 8579 2040
St.Mary's Road, Ealing, London. W5 5EX.

All prices shown include VAT at 20%